International Conference | July 10-13 2017 Cergy Pontoise, France

Interface Properties in Organic Electronics: Key Challenges

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About IPOE

The international conference IPOE-2017 will be entirely devoted to the physical phenomena occurring at organic/organic, organic/inorganic and organic/metallic interfaces, as motivated by their essential role in many (bio-)physico-chemical processes, ranging from solar energy conversion to biosensing.
The conference will cover a large range of areas related to both experimental and theoretical aspects of these processes. New insights are expected to emerge from this conference, providing additional design criteria for novel materials fulfilling optimized interfacial properties, along with key challenges for future research.

Important dates

  • January 16, 2017: Call for Abstract & Online Registration
  • April 15, 2017: Abstract Submission Deadline
  • April 24, 2017: Abstract Acceptance Notification
  • May 14, 2017: Early Bird Deadline

10-13 July 2017: IPOE-2017
Cergy-Pontoise, France

Call for communications

    IPOE offers :
  • Plenary conferences (invited speakers)
  • Oral communication selected from an international call for papers (see below)
  • Poster sessions selected from the call for papers

  • You can participate in the call for papers by submitting abstract on the IPOE digital platform. Click on Submit Abstract below.


  • Charge separation mechanisms
  • Charge generation mechanisms
  • Energy transfer processes
  • Energy Landscape at interfaces
  • Materials for interface engineering

Conference venue

Conference venue offers a place with all the facilities to organize an international scientific conference. IPOE 2017 will be held at the Maison Internationale de la Recherche (MIR).